Here are the slides and videos for a selection of talks/lectures I’ve given:

[1] Quantum Convolutional Neural Networks. Q2B 2019,  San Jose, CA. Earlier version: Berkeley Quantum Information Seminar, Oct. 2018 (Similar slides used at Caltech in July 2018).

[2] Universal Quantum Computation with Gapped Boundaries. Workshop on Quantum Information, Center for Mathematical Science and Applications, Harvard University, April 2018

[3] Defects Between Gapped Boundaries in (2+1)D Topological Phases of Matter. Joint Mathematics Meetings 2018, San Diego

[4] Gapped Boundaries and Boundary Defects in (2+1)D Topological Phases of Matter. Slides for my first two lectures in the Summer School on Tensor Categories and Topological Quantum Matter, Fudan University, Shanghai. (My actual talk was a blackboard talk, but these are some typed notes for the students). June-July 2017.

[5] Topological Quantum Computation with Gapped Boundaries: Stanford, Oct. 2016Caltech, Nov. 2016 (longer: 1-hour talk), Joint Mathematics Meetings 2017, Atlanta (shorter version: 20-min talk)